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What’s Holding You Back?

An Ancient Approach to Overcoming Obstacles with Anna

According to an ancient text, the Yoga Sutra, the causes of our suffering can be traced to common roots called the kleshas. The Sutra is imminently applicable to the demands of modern life, whether you have ever done a downward dog or not. Obstacles and problems that are very real right now may be more about our minds than the times in which we live. For this reason, teachings like the kleshas have stood the test of time, giving us an understanding of how we may be contributing to our own mental suffering, or in modern terms, how we are getting in our own way. In this workshop, we will explore the five kleshas - ignorance, ego, attachment, aversion, and fear - how they create mental obstacles and how we can use this knowledge to move forward in life, creating new, healthier understandings and patterns of behavior. (eligible for 3 CEUs for Yoga Alliance)