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Men’s Style Guide: the small-batch approach

Jun 26, 2017 07:21PM ● By Kevin

A great life cannot be mass-produced, and it was on this mantra that the menswear label Batch was founded. Conceived on a rooftop in India, Batch is the brainchild of former Chico’s designer Geoff Argue, who knew he wanted to oppose the fast fashion fury that dominates the mass-retail industry. He did so, with partner Tom Severini, by creating a line of tailored men’s shirts that would be a fresh alternative using superior craftsmanship. The line was launched in August 2015 out of Argue’s Fort Myers home and has since provided detailed styles for the creative man to express his unique sense of fashion.

“We were initially concerned that guys would not get the small-batch concept,” Argue explains. “But after outfitting customers in 10 shirts or more, we began to understand the real need for the alternatives we were creating.”

Argue recently took a moment away from managing his growing venture to offer his style tips for the well-dressed gentleman.

What is the focus of your brand?

World-class shirts for the modern man. We believe that parts of our lives have aesthetically changed, yet menswear has not kept pace. We hope to close this gap.

In general, what’s the most important thing for men to consider when developing their personal style?

Men should realize how important personal style is. How we look makes far more of an impression on what people think about us than what we say. Therefore, it’s very important that your personality shows in your style, or people will assume there is a lack of it.

How should a tailored shirt properly fit the torso?

We believe in a masculine cut. This means easy across the chest and shoulders, and clean around the waist. This cut accentuates a man’s v-shape torso and naturally gives him a powerful look. In addition to this, a well-tailored shirt should have clean-fitting armholes that are not baggy, and sit on the shoulder point. We think dropped shoulders look sloppy for today’s modern man.

What do customers appreciate most about your clothing?

Our fit, our unique refined details and our high quality. 

When pairing one of your shirts with an overall ensemble, what are your recommendations for a complete outfit?

We never recommend wearing a tie today, so many of our shirts will have a little detail to add subtle interest to the outfit. Jeans, both in a light wash or dark indigo, are great, as are chinos. Pair it with a classic navy or black blazer, and classic accessories.

What accessories are must-have items for men this season?

High-quality sneakers in leather, like Common Projects, are a great casual upgrade to any outfit. We also think that men can wear our shirt details like accessories, so we recommend them as well. 

What past trends should men avoid today?

Plaid is overused now, and very common. Men will disagree, but it’s time to move on. Fresh, simple prints are a great alternative. 

What challenges do men find in fashion, and how can they overcome them?

Finding clothing that says just enough about them as modern men, but not too much. This is a very fine balance. They should not look average, yet they need to look appropriate. This challenge is why we formed Batch; it’s hard to accomplish, and to find in the market.

What else should readers know?

We recommend investing in a few good pieces and embracing a personal style. “Uniforms” are an easy way to accomplish this. Simply purchase your favorite piece in a few colors when you find something that looks great on you. Men are lucky to be able to wear basically the same thing every day. Embrace it, and enjoy time back in your life. Steve Jobs did it; you can too.

Written by Reneé Novelle, a journalist and author enjoying beautiful Southwest Florida.

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