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New Brew Crew: Craft beer winning over millennials and non-beer drinkers

Oct 25, 2017 01:31PM ● By Mandy Carter
It’s that time of year.

Now we can give thanks for an even greater selection of holiday beer! New trends have made the beer aisle more interesting, not to mention all the microbreweries that set the perfect scene for a party!

Visiting Milwaukee this year I realized just how much the business of beer has evolved. The frothy beverage is deeply rooted in American history, dating to Native Americans, European settlers bringing their recipes with them. And Milwaukee for much of its history has been the nation’s beer capital, home to Schlitz, Miller and Blatz. Pabst in the 1840s started in Milwaukee as Empire Brewing, produced cheese during Prohibition.

Democratization of American brewing began in the 1970s with a few crafters starting their own small breweries―the rejuvenation of beer had begun. The Brewers Association trade group, in fact, reports that 5,562 American craft breweries now operate. That’s a growth from last year of 906 breweries, with another 2,700-plus in planning. Southwest Florida has dozens of established craft breweries, as much a magnet for tourism as wine is in California.

So there’s cause for beer-lovers to celebrate this holiday season!

5 reasons this non-beer drinking millennial enjoys a good craft beer

It Tastes Better

Craft-brewers put their hearts and amazing ingredients into every beer, with a big focus on quality over marketing.

It Contains More Alcohol  

As a whiskey drinker, I appreciate when my alcoholic drinks actually contain alcohol. Most craft beers range from 5-10 percent abv, or alcohol by volume, but some craft beers can reach 20 percent or higher. Mass-produced beers average 2.5 percent abv, not much bang for the buck.

So Many Choices

With all the American microbreweries, there are thousands upon thousands of flavorful (and seasonal) craft beers to try.

You Meet The People Making The Beer 

I love hearing the story behind things. So, one of the most unique benefits of drinking craft beer is that you can visit a local craft brewery and actually meet those making the beer, even get a tour of the brewing process.

A Beer For Every Season or Celebration

With craft beer you can drink something different at every party, night out, meal, celebration or season of the year. As a lover of travel, it is fun trying different craft beers from different breweries in different regions.

Craft-brewers are prime examples of true small-business owners. So, meet a few of them during the holidays and have a great time enjoying the craft-beer movement!

Mandy Carter is a local mom with a passion for family travel, a popular travel blogger including her own family blog at and the Digital Content & Engagement Editor for TOTI Media.

Cheers for Beers!

Momentum Brewhouse, Bonita Springs

Cape Coral Brewing Co., Cape Coral

Old Soul Brewing, Fort Myers

Bury Me Brewery, Fort Myers

Millennial Brewing Co., Fort Myers

Fort Myers Brewing Co., Fort Myers

Point Ybel Brewing Co., Fort Myers

Naples Beach Brewery, Naples

Bone Hook Brewing, Naples

RipTide Brewing Co., Naples