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What’s Hot in Southwest Florida (September/October 2022)

Sep 22, 2022 11:32AM ● By Gina Birch

EASY VEGAN If you’re wanting to dip your toe in the plant-based dining pool, it’s essential to find delicious and easy recipes. Easy Vegan Home Cooking is a collection of PBS celebrity chef Laura Theodore’s favorite plant-based recipes, good for the entire family. $25; wherever books are sold 


TIDBITS MERINGUE These melt-in-your-mouth meringue cookies satisfy any sweet tooth while keeping calories at bay—only two per cookie. All natural and cholesterol free, diabetic and keto versions are available that taste just as tantalizing. $5; 


FRINGE BAGS These one-of-a-kind merino wool handbags are handmade at a mill in Portugal where the tradition of the Reguengos style of rugs and blankets is still practiced. They come in four colors with sassy side fringe and a soft leather handle. $140; 


GIVE HOPE NECKLACE This 14k gold-plated mother-of-pearl necklace by the Starfish Project looks good and does good. The jewelry brand was created to support women escaping from human trafficking and exploitation. Starting at $ 


THE ART OF WHISKY Blending whisky is an art. The Cuvee from Waterford Whisky includes 25 component whiskies, each distilled and matured from a single barley harvest on a single Irish farm. They’re blended seamlessly. The bottle is also designed to stand out on your shelf. $95 


PEPPER CANNON When a sprinkling of pepper just won’t do, reach for the Pepper Cannon from Männkitchen. A peppermill that boasts 10 times the output of all other top-rated mills, it holds a half-cup of whole peppercorns and makes grinding an ease on the hands. $199.99; 


BANANA LOCA This innovative gadget makes snacking fun and delicious. It can core a banana, while still in its peel, allowing you to fill the middle with anything from yogurt or honey to peanut butter or Nutella. $28.99; 


WRINKLE-FREE STRAWS These colorful, reusable straws from LipSips are both kind to the planet, and to your lips. Made from food-grade silicone, the ergonomic design eliminates the pucker motion that over time causes wrinkles around the lips. $14.95; 


LEG JACKET For tailgating, cool nights on the boat, or beach bonfires, this lightweight, multifunctional wrap is water resistant and sand repellent. In a variety of colors and sizes, it has pockets, a carabiner clip, and a built-in wrist strap for ease in carrying. $65; 


CLASSIC SLIP-ONS These classics come from Andrea Carrano, the original creator of high-end luxury leather shoes, worn by Hollywood icons the likes of Audrey Hepburn. Handmade in Naples, Italy, they’re both comfortable and stylish. $295-$570; 


ALL-PURPOSE SHIRT The ultimate in active lifestyle apparel, the High Water shirt from California Cowboy has a sunglasses loop, a dry pocket for your cell phone, and a pocket that not only holds your bottle of beer, but is also designed with the capability to open that bottle. $145; 


IT’S ALL IN THE HANDS For hands-on pet grooming, these HandsOn animal gloves are designed not only to gather excess hair before it ends up on your furniture, but also to offer your furry friend a soothing massage in the process. Available in child and adult sizes. $24.99;